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Why We Need Pirate Radio For The Twenty-First Century

At the end of the movie “Pump Up the Volume,” Christian Slater’s character, pirate radio DJ Hard Harry, exhorts the kids who’ve come out to support him to start their own stations and “talk hard.” The film closes with a montage of students in basements, each broadcasting to their own audience, spreading their voices and the music they love. Continue Reading…

Sharing is the New Black
Radical.FM Revolutionizes Streaming with RadCasting, the First ‘Ready-for-Primetime’ Live Music-Sharing App

On the most social music discovery platform ever, users can listen live to other RadCasters, or broadcast music LIVE in real-time to an unlimited nationwide audience

Venice Beach, CA – October 1, 2015 – Radical.FM (Radical.FM), the Internet radio service that delivers the largest free and ad-free music library in America, today launched RadCasting, a new social listening, sharing, and discovery experience. RadCasting allows users to tune-in or broadcast (RadCast) music live in real time even while mobile. RadCasting is ‘Pandora meets Facebook’ and includes live chat for real-time feedback and conversation. When users discover new songs, they can add them to their own Stations with a single tap. Listeners can tell Casters what they think, and Casters can inform friends and followers via Facebook and Twitter. The more popular the RadCast, the higher it ranks. Radical.FM with RadCasting is available now on iOS, Android, and all major desktop browsers.

In nearly two decades of streaming development, only two models of music services have evolved: personalized radio and on-demand playlists. Despite incredible technological advances, no online music service has seriously threatened broadcast radio’s sense of community… until today.

“Listening to Spotify or Pandora is a solitary experience, but music was meant to be shared,” said CEO Thomas McAlevey. “Radical combines the sense of community of old-school FM radio with the personalization made possible by the Internet to deliver a perfectly synchronous music sharing and discovery experience. RadCasting is the most innovative concept in streaming, served on the most powerful music sharing architecture ever developed.”

Limited only by a user’s imagination, RadCasting offers a shared music environment for any mood or occasion. For example:

  • Friends can listen to the same pumped-up music while jogging down the beach together.
  • Students spread across a campus can enjoy a perfectly synced party-mix live on Friday evening.
  • Talented young deejays can build followings to compete with major ‘Top 40’ radio stations.
  • A soldier’s wife can simply share her favorite love songs in real time while chatting with her husband stationed far away.

Users can also enjoy their favorite Stations in private with Radical’s simple and unique genre-mixing interface. However users choose to listen to Radical.FM, they’ll find all their favorite tunes from Taylor Swift to the Beatles in Radical’s massive music library. Radical is available now on iOS, Android, and all major desktop browsers.

About Radical.FM
Radical is a privately held American corporation. Tracing its roots back to (a Swedish streaming service that helped inspire Spotify), as well as Bandit Radio (Sweden’s biggest rock radio station, and one of the first broadcast radio stations to simulcast over the internet in 1994), Radical continues a two-decade tradition of pushing the boundaries of online music. Radical’s broadcast radio roots helped inspire its uniquely effective interface. Unlike typical algorithm-heavy online radio services, Radical.FM is programmed by hand, by human beings. With a powerful yet intuitive design, no other service allows such a high degree of control over an endless stream of music. As always, Radical is free and commercial free, and pays artists for every song streamed.

Radical.FM is Radio Re-Defined.

For more information visit Radical.FM.

Radical Secures Second Round Financing To Expand Streaming Music Offerings

Los Angeles, CA November 15, 2011 – Radical.FM, Inc. announced today that it has secured an undisclosed amount of second round financing from a group of private investors. The over-subscribed funding round closed last week. Monies will be used to complete development of a new HTML5 Player for its streaming music services Radical.FM and Radical Indie, for launch in early 2012. Mobile apps and the innovative DeeJay™ functionality will also be finished. Radical combines passive Stations (like Pandora™), active Playlists (like Spotify™ & Rhapsody™), and social RadCast™ (like Turntable.FM™). Patent-pending RadCast makes every listener the owner of a broadcast radio station and permits personal music streams to be shared in real-time. The DeeJay function will allow a user to speak to all who are listening to their RadCasts. To sign up for the free public beta, go to Radical.FM.

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Why the World Needs Radical

My associates thought I could write a good blog on why the world needs Radical. There’s only one problem; it doesn’t. What the world needs is clean energy, a bit more compassion, and The African Academy for Gifted Girls (a dream nonprofit project of mine), not another music site.

But no one denies that music has played an integral role in human development since earliest recorded history. And few would dispute that today’s musical landscape looks more like a minefield than a sun-drenched beach or snow-capped mountain. So lIet’s talk instead about why the Music Industry needs Radical.

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