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Bandit is Back!

I love life despite having lost my mother as a boy and my arm as a young man. My world is one of exotic travel, high adventure, and challenging projects. Still, some events stand out more than others, like riding a motorcycle around the world in the 80s, starting Bandit 105.5, The Rock Home of Stockholm in the 90s, and driving a beach buggy through Africa just recently.

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Critical Mass

Note: This blog was written when Radical was developing two sister services, Radical.FM (for label music) and Radical Indie (for independent artists). These services have since been blended into one comprehensive service. We encourage all indie artists to upload their tracks to Radical Indie.

Critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material that can sustain a nuclear chain reaction, in the case of weapons grade Uranium about 52 kg. In other words, with 100 pounds of U235 you can’t blow your nose, but with 130 pounds you’ve got an atomic bomb; that’s critical mass!

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