Radical Indie launches personal broadcast platform with pre-licensed music

Radical.FM relaunches as Radical Indie… Although the development and relaunch took longer than planned, the new platform works impeccably…

Forget broadcasts, try out RadCasting with Radical.FM

Radical.FM, an Internet radio service that says it delivers the largest free music library in America without commercials, has developed a new way for listeners to share their favorite artists and songs with the rest of the […]

Radical.FM Launches Personalized Radio Platform Without Ads Or Fees

Tired of hearing ads on Pandora, and no interest in subscribing to Spotify? Then you might be the right target audience for Radical.FM, a streaming service that just relaunched with a new personalized broadcasting model.

Radical.FM Tries The Pay-What-You-Want Model On Streaming Music

 Radical.FM is a lesser-known option that actually might become a new favorite to some, if they only knew about it. 

Review: Radical.FM launches on the web

Radical.FM launches – There’s good reason that Radical.FM has been characterized as what would happen if Pandora and Spotify had a child. It is lean-back listening (like Pandora), but with a level of tailoring that […]

How much is music worth?’s ‘pay-what-you-can’ ethos cuts to the heart of that question is a Pandora-style internet radio service that adopts a radical approach to the music monetizing conundrum – it asks you to pay what you think it’s worth. But, what’s music worth?

Radical.FM tunes the radio to your music tastes

At first glance, Radical.FM seems like just another music stream service like Pandora. The twist is that the service is 100 percent free, and doesn’t rely on ads.

Radical.FM launches ad-free Android app with a donation model

Part Pandora, part Spotify, Radical.FM is a free-to-download, ad-free music-streaming service released this week as an Android app. takes its ‘pay-what-you-can’ music-streaming service to Android in the US

Almost a year after brought its ad-free ‘pay-what-you-can’ music-streaming service to iOS in the US, it’s finally arrived for Android users too.

Radical.FM tries a freemium business model without the premium

Radical.FM does online radio with a tip jar instead of advertisements.

Radical.FM launches an iOS app to take on Spotify, Pandora with a ‘pay what you can’ fee

The online music streaming service Radical.FM has launched an iOS app on a ‘pay what you can’ basis.

Can a Donation Model Work for Streaming Music?

So far, the formula to turning a profit — or at least getting close to one — is a mix of audio sales, freemium models and in-app advertising. But a new startup is trying to test that model by asking for a handout rather than payment.

Radical.FM Named One of the Best Music Apps of 2012

Radical.FM entered public beta in November, to challenge Spotify et al with a very ambitious donation-based business model.

Radical.FM enters public beta to challenge Spotify et al with donation-based business model

With the likes of Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, and Pandora already plying their trade in the online music-streaming space, there’s no room at the inn for another contender, right? There’s one Swedish startup that definitely disagrees.

Radical.FM Goes After Traditional Radio’s “Last Bastion of Security”

“What we’re doing completely demolishes the last walls terrestrial radio has been holding up as their last bastion of security,”

How To Be Rad: An Interview with Radical.FM’s Creator Thomas McAlevey – Part 2

Radical.FM’s CEO Thomas McAlevey’s interview is continued.

How To Be Rad: An Interview with Radical.FM’s Creator Thomas McAlevey – Part 1

Interview with Radical.FM’s CEO Thomas McAlevey.

If Pandora and Spotify Had a Baby…

If Pandora and Spotify Had a Baby…It would be totally rad. I guess that’s why Thomas McAlevey created Radical.FM.

Radical.FM – After Pandora and Spotify, What Next?

People talk about making a deal with the devil to give their right arm for success. Tom McAlevey actually did, though whether it was the devil he made the deal with I can’t attest. It was certainly a higher power.

7 Standout Startups From SF MusicTech

Think Pandora meets Spotify, plus personal webcasting. With this personalized streaming player, users can share their screen and can interactively DJ to other listeners, while creating their own perfect personal radio station.

Radical.FM Has Ambitions To Take On Pandora, Spotify, and Turntable.FM… All At Once

Radical.FM is a new web radio website going after Pandora-like customizable Internet radio services, on-demand platforms like Spotify and socially-minded listening sites like

Radical.FM Takes Kitchen Sink Approach To Online Radio

A new service crams in as many of the on-demand, social sharing, music streaming and even Net DJ-ing tricks it can. No doubt, it’s clever.

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Radical Indie Announces Exponential Growth, offers $12,000 Cash to Help Indie Artists Reach New Fans

$1,000 cash will be awarded monthly throughout 2017 to Radical users who earn the most ‘Likes’ Venice Beach, CA – January 12, 2017 – Three-month-old Indie music streaming service Radical Indie ( has seen exponential […]

Move Over SoundCloud, There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Radical Launches New Service for Independent Musicians Palawan, Philippines – September 13, 2016  – As SoundCloud focuses on major label music, Indie Artists worldwide look for a new service to call their own. On Radical Indie musicians […]

Radical.FM Announces ‘RadCast for Cash’ Streaming Radio Contest Giving Away $500 a Week

Cash prize will be awarded weekly to Radical.FM users who earn the most RadCast Likes Venice Beach, CA – October 13, 2015 – Radical.FM (Radical.FM), the Internet radio service delivering America’s largest free and ad-free […]

Sharing is the New Black
Radical.FM Revolutionizes Streaming with RadCasting, the First ‘Ready-for-Primetime’ Live Music-Sharing App

On the most social music discovery platform ever, users can listen live to other RadCasters, or broadcast music LIVE in real-time to an unlimited nationwide audience Venice Beach, CA – October 1, 2015 – Radical.FM […]