How many devices can I use?

You can Favorite Radical Indie on your Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop computer and install our apps on as many devices as you choose, but you can only access your account on one device at a time.


What is BroadCasting?

BroadCasting is the perfectly synchronous sharing (broadcast) of your Stations or Playlists to any Radical Indie user. You can also tune-in to anyone else’s active BroadCast and listen to them in real-time.

How do I begin a BroadCast?

Choose the Station or Playlist you wish to BroadCast, and then click or tap the ‘BroadCast’ button under the current album art. The button will change to ‘On Air’ and your Station can be heard worldwide.

What can I do while BroadCasting?

  • Favorite a song you like, immediately adding it to your own ‘Favorites’ genre for the ultimate in music discovery!

  • Change Stations, add Genres. Search Songs

  • Chat with anyone that has tuned-in to your BroadCast

  • Block songs or artists (the next song will play after you click to tap)
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter

How do I end my BroadCast?

When you want to end your BroadCast, simply click or tap the On Air sign and you will stop sharing your Station and continue listening in private.

How do I listen to someone else’s BroadCast?

Choose the BroadCast you wish to listen to from the list of BroadCasts. 

You can choose from the Top BroadCasts or search for others.

The ‘BroadCast’ button will change to a Receiving Icon and you will be listening to the BroadCast you have chosen.

What can I do while listening to a BroadCast?

  • Favorite a song you like, immediately adding it to your own ‘Favorites’ genre for the ultimate in music discovery!
  • Block a song or artist (the song won't be skipped, but it will be added to your Block list)
  • Chat with the person that initiated the BroadCast and anyone that is tuned-in to the same BroadCast
  • Like the BroadCast, and see how many others have liked it, too
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter

How do I stop listening to a BroadCast?

When you want to stop listening, simply try a different BroadCast, or choose one of your own Stations or Playlists


How do I begin a TALKshow?

To begin transmitting your voice LIVE in your BroadCast you must use a Desktop or Laptop computer with Chrome browser installed. TALK is activated via the microphone icon above the TALK panel; you must allow microphone access when prompted.

How do I activate my microphone in a TALKshow?

Once your TALK panel is activated, simply click the big MIC button under the Mic Level slider and your audience will hear your microphone. Click the MIC button again to turn off your microphone.

NOTE: You should always turn your Mic off when not speaking to reduce background noise.

How do I adjust my levels?

Music and Mic levels are defaulted to best average levels (100% Music, 66% Mic) but each system and voice are unique. Drag the appropriate Slider up or down to increase/decrease volume.

NOTE: Adjusting Music (and/or Mic) level on your Host computer adjusts volume proportionally for all Followers/Listeners.

What does ‘MON’ under MIC do?

Checking the ‘MON’ (for Monitor) box under the MIC on/off button allows you as Host to monitor exactly what your Followers/Listeners hear, just like real radio DeeJays can hear their own voice.

IMPORTANT: THIS WILL CAUSE FEEDBACK if you are not using closed-ear headphones.


Why are all the various Genres and Sub-Genres not available when I create a Station?

All Genres and SubGenres must reach a critical mass of uploaded songs before they appear as an option when creating a Station.

You can always search for specific artists or songs and create a Playlist, which you can add to any Station you want.

How do I delete a Station?

Right Click in Chrome.

On Mobile, choose from the list of Stations, swipe the Station you wish to delete to the left. A DELETE button appears.  Tap it, and a confirmation message appears. Tap OK to delete the station.

How do I create a Playlist?

Click or tap +New and choose a name to be associated with the PlayList. Use the Search box to Search for the song(s) to add to the new list. Click or tap the songs you wish to add and a checkmark appears (tap again to uncheck). When you've checked all the songs to add to the list, Click or tap the Done button.

You can also ‘Favorite’ (Thumbs Up) any currently playing track to add it to your default Favorites list; this works on BroadCasts as well as Stations. You can even Scroll Back in your Song History to Favorite recently played tracks.

Uploading Audio Content

Who can upload audio content?

Anyone can upload music or other audio content they own all the rights to, for the world’s listening enjoyment.

You must agree to the Terms of Service and read and check the Radical Indie License Agreement regarding the materials before you can upload.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Uploading music or audio content you do not own ALL rights to is illegal! Infringing material will be deleted by our site administrators and infringer’s accounts are subject to suspension

What can be uploaded?

Any music or audio content in the most popular audio formats with a length 30 seconds to one hour, and maximum file size of 700Mb.

What about artwork?

Artwork is required for all audio content uploaded to Radical.  

The artwork must be a .png or. jpg with a minimum width of 400 px. and height of 400 px.  Maximum size is 20 MB.

As with the content, uploading artwork you do not own ALL rights to is illegal. Infringing material will be deleted by our site administrators and infringer’s accounts are subject to suspension.

Can my music or audio content be downloaded?

You can make your content downloadable for free by the public by clicking the “Enable Download” checkbox.

Can my music or audio content be offered for sale?

Yes. You can add a link to iTunes, your website, CD Baby, etc., so the public can purchase it.

Who is listening?

Anyone in the world may be listening! Radical especially caters to musicians and we know you want your music heard everywhere. Because we don't have to strike deals with major labels and their counterparts across the world, anyone with Internet access and an account on Radical Indie can listen, comment, download, and even buy your music. So don’t be surprised if your band develops a following in Iceland or the Philippines!

Does Radical Indie make money off from my music or audio content?

Nope, Radical Indie makes nothing from your music or audio content. When you upload a track or other materials, you are able to post a link to where your music is being sold (iTunes, your personal website, CD Baby, etc.) and when a user enjoys your song, they can buy it from your preferred vendor, and you as the rights holding artist keep 100% of all monies generated by your works on Radical.

Just remember to thank us when you win your first Grammy.

How do I upload my audio material? 

Note:  You must use Chrome as your browser on a desktop or laptop. You cannot upload from a mobile device.

It's easy! Just follow these steps:

- Go to Radical Indie and login.

- The player appears.

- In Settings, click Upload.

Here you will be able to enter the title of your song, browse for the material on your computer to upload, upload any associated artwork, provide a link for purchase or to your website, and choose if you allow people to download it or not.

- Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, click “Upload,” and that's it! Your audio content is on Radical Indie!

Why don’t I see my song genre in the Station Genre list?

We are a new service and growing every day. As soon as the Genre your song is in is big enough we will activate it for Station creation. Until then your song may be played on Potluck Radio, and may be searched for and added to listener Playlists.


What is My Profile and who can see It?

In My Profile you can:
  • Upload an image that others will see when you Chat
  • Change your Username, Password or email


What are the Android system requirements?

You need a device with Android 4.0 or higher. We recommend the latest version.