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Why We Need Pirate Radio For The Twenty-First Century

At the end of the movie “Pump Up the Volume,” Christian Slater’s character, pirate radio DJ Hard Harry, exhorts the kids who’ve come out to support him to start their own stations and “talk hard.” The film closes with a montage of students in basements, each broadcasting to their own audience, spreading their voices and the music they love. Continue Reading…

Streaming Won, But Where’s The Innovation?

Although music streaming, the most disruptive technology currently being used in the industry, is well on its way to becoming the dominant method through which listeners consume music, it has not yet even come close to unlocking its full potential, despite having been around for close to two decades.

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Radical.FM Shakes Off Mobile-Only Constraint with Beautiful Browser-Based Music Service that Includes Taylor Swift!

The popular ad-free, user-supported Radical now adds Desktop to its iOS and Android apps, featuring the most complete streaming music library available – with every artist from The Beatles to Jason Aldean.

Venice Beach, CA – November 18, 2014 – Radical.FM, the most complete streaming music service available, launches its new browser based Desktop service just in time! Radical is programmed by hand, by human experts with access to every artist in the world, and with orders to build the best sounding Genres regardless of economic forces. Radical.FM is the most accurate streaming radio service in the world, is operated free of commercial interests on a Pay What You Can basis, and compensates artists and composers for every song we stream.

Radical marries the interactive nature of Internet with the programming expertise of the entire broadcast radio industry. At the core is My Stations™, an intuitive interface that allows a user to mix any number of professionally curated music Genres and assign each a value relative to the others to create Personal Radio Stations. And in addition to typical curation features such as ‘Like’, ‘Block’, and song-skipping, Radical.FM adds My Lists™ – the ability to search over 30 million songs for specific tracks to build your own custom genres.

“We’ve taken feedback from our users to create the best music listening experience available on mobile, and now we are bringing that same experience to desktop,” said Radical.FM CEO Thomas McAlevey. “Like our iOS and Android apps, the Radical.FM Desktop service remains ad-free, with the same user-supported, human-curated digital music that our mobile users love. We deliberately kept Desktop similar to the mobile apps to ease navigation between platforms.”

Radical’s new service does utilize Desktop’s greater real-estate to offer a few new features. One is the ability to scroll 100 songs back in a user’s personal song History, and to “Like” or “Block” those tracks at any time. And a colorful dashboard displays the album art of potential songs for the Current Station, and its ‘reactive’ in design (it self-adjusts to fit the screen or window size). But all Radical platforms enjoy equal access to Radical.FM’s 30+ million song library, that includes all the streaming rarities ranging from legacy acts like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC, right through to current superstars like Jason Aldean and Taylor Swift.

The new Radical.FM Desktop service is currently available in the US and can be accessed for free at Radical.FM.

Download the Radical.FM Mobile Apps at Google Play and iTunes Store.

Users can make donations through PayPal or leading Bitcoin payments service provider BitPay.

About Radical.FM
Headquartered on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, CA, Radical.FM continues a tradition of pushing the boundaries of online radio that began with over 14 years ago. For more information visit our website at Radical.FM.

Radical.FM Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Streaming music supporters can donate Bitcoin through BitPay to keep the world’s most comprehensive Personal Radio service free of charge and free of ads 

Venice, CA – August 15, 2014 – Radical.FM (www.Radical.FM), the ad-free music service that marries the interactive nature of the Internet with the programming expertise of the entire broadcast radio industry, today announced that it has begun accepting Bitcoin donations through leading Bitcoin payments service provider BitPay. Donations will be used to power Radical.FM’s unique, ad-free music service, which allows music fans unparalleled access to a 25-million-song library free and commercial-free. Continue Reading…

Streaming Music is Already Profitable…
An industry insider debunks the myths and reveals the future.

Just how bright is the future of the music industry really?

A new generation has spoken and Access (streaming any music in the world from ‘The Cloud’) will win out over Ownership (collecting a finite number of songs as CDs or files) just as Personal Radio (interactive Internet radio streaming) is replacing AM/FM. This is no longer debated by the informed, but accepted as a matter of time. Yet how often must we read that leading streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify are still losing money despite tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of dollars invested? Journalists world-wide extrapolate from this semi-truth that it is impossible for legal streaming to make money, when the fact is that Pandora and Spotify could be profitable today. Continue Reading…

Bandit is Back!

I love life despite having lost my mother as a boy and my arm as a young man. My world is one of exotic travel, high adventure, and challenging projects. Still, some events stand out more than others, like riding a motorcycle around the world in the 80s, starting Bandit 105.5, The Rock Home of Stockholm in the 90s, and driving a beach buggy through Africa just recently.

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Why the World Needs Radical

My associates thought I could write a good blog on why the world needs Radical. There’s only one problem; it doesn’t. What the world needs is clean energy, a bit more compassion, and The African Academy for Gifted Girls (a dream nonprofit project of mine), not another music site.

But no one denies that music has played an integral role in human development since earliest recorded history. And few would dispute that today’s musical landscape looks more like a minefield than a sun-drenched beach or snow-capped mountain. So lIet’s talk instead about why the Music Industry needs Radical.

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