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Rocky - Radical's Mascot

We Bought a Dog!

Hi, I’m Tom, Radical’s CEO.

With offices in the US and Europe people often wonder why I’m based on a tiny beach in the jungles of Palawan in the Philippines. It’s because we are opening an orphanage here, anticipating six or more kids already during 2017. It’s a philanthropic endeavour, and will be managed by myself, Radical’s local office manager Elsie, and a couple local staff. I’m a worldwide adventurer and like to think I can handle myself in any situation, but I travel for months every year. Elsie is five feet tall and about as aggressive as a lamb, and she’ll be alone with the kids quite a bit; hence the dog idea as companion and burglar alarm. Continue Reading…

Nobody Chases the Seagulls Away

A homeless woman is sleeping on the beach in front of the Radical offices. I’ve seen her before. She is mentally ill. The seagulls are rummaging through her pitiful possessions, like vultures descending upon a corpse. I should chase off the scavengers, then organise and secure her things while she rests.

But I don’t. There are too many in need of help. I am overwhelmed. My reaction is to ignore them all.

As a boy I wondered about the pictures of starving children on TV, surly the camera crew could feed them. I’ve traveled the world since then, and I’ve passed a million hungry kids in Africa alone.

But this is Venice Beach, a wealthy part of the richest country that has ever existed. Sixteen million tourists come here every year. Forty-thousand people stroll this boardwalk each day. And hundreds of people have walked by that woman since I began writing this.

Yet there she still lies; skin-wrapped bones draped in rags.

And nobody chases away the seagulls.

Not even me.

Welcome to America.

Metamorphosis of a Streaming Service

My life swings between insane adventures and intense business undertakings like a Hollywood movie. After riding a motorcycle around the world, I founded Sweden’s biggest rock radio station, Bandit. After years traversing Africa by beach-buggy, I threw myself back into the thick of Western business to start Radical. But a music/tech startup and a drive across Africa have more in common than one might guess. Both are challenging, costly, require 100% commitment, are often more lonely than glamorous, and both require the ability to change course or die (literally in Africa, financially in business) when a better path presents itself. Continue Reading…

Why We Need Pirate Radio For The Twenty-First Century

At the end of the movie “Pump Up the Volume,” Christian Slater’s character, pirate radio DJ Hard Harry, exhorts the kids who’ve come out to support him to start their own stations and “talk hard.” The film closes with a montage of students in basements, each broadcasting to their own audience, spreading their voices and the music they love. Continue Reading…

Streaming Won, But Where’s The Innovation?

Although music streaming, the most disruptive technology currently being used in the industry, is well on its way to becoming the dominant method through which listeners consume music, it has not yet even come close to unlocking its full potential, despite having been around for close to two decades.

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Streaming Music is Already Profitable…
An industry insider debunks the myths and reveals the future.

Just how bright is the future of the music industry really?

A new generation has spoken and Access (streaming any music in the world from ‘The Cloud’) will win out over Ownership (collecting a finite number of songs as CDs or files) just as Personal Radio (interactive Internet radio streaming) is replacing AM/FM. This is no longer debated by the informed, but accepted as a matter of time. Yet how often must we read that leading streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify are still losing money despite tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of dollars invested? Journalists world-wide extrapolate from this semi-truth that it is impossible for legal streaming to make money, when the fact is that Pandora and Spotify could be profitable today. Continue Reading…

Bandit is Back!

I love life despite having lost my mother as a boy and my arm as a young man. My world is one of exotic travel, high adventure, and challenging projects. Still, some events stand out more than others, like riding a motorcycle around the world in the 80s, starting Bandit 105.5, The Rock Home of Stockholm in the 90s, and driving a beach buggy through Africa just recently.

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