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Radical Secures Second Round Financing To Expand Streaming Music Offerings

Los Angeles, CA November 15, 2011 – Radical.FM, Inc. announced today that it has secured an undisclosed amount of second round financing from a group of private investors. The over-subscribed funding round closed last week. Monies will be used to complete development of a new HTML5 Player for its streaming music services Radical.FM and Radical Indie, for launch in early 2012. Mobile apps and the innovative DeeJay™ functionality will also be finished. Radical combines passive Stations (like Pandora™), active Playlists (like Spotify™ & Rhapsody™), and social RadCast™ (like Turntable.FM™). Patent-pending RadCast makes every listener the owner of a broadcast radio station and permits personal music streams to be shared in real-time. The DeeJay function will allow a user to speak to all who are listening to their RadCasts. To sign up for the free public beta, go to Radical.FM.

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