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Radical New Social Music Service Goes Public – Gives the Listener Unprecedented Control

LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2011 —

Radical.FM, Inc. announced today the invitation-only private beta launch of Radical.FM, it’s new, personal internet radio service. Building and expanding on experience gained from, an early 21st century Swedish/American pioneer of internet radio, Radical combines user tailored music radio stations (like Pandora™ and Slacker™) with on-demand playlist functionality (like Rhapsody™ and Spotify™), and adds social networking and personal broadcasting capabilities. For the first time all of these functions will be available in one integrated service. Radical.FM will initially offer free personal radio services, with full Play-On-Demand functionality for a paid Premium subscription tier available at a later date. In addition, the patent pending LiveShare™ feature permits personal music streams to be shared in real-time and DeeJay™ allows a user to speak to all who are listening to their LiveShare stream. Bona fide music and technology journalists & bloggers as well as music industry professionals who have not yet received Radical’s private beta invitations, should contact ‘Maria(at)’. A public beta launch for the United States will follow soon, with international expansion planned for later this year. For the public beta sign up, go to Radical.FM.

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We Are Radical!

We are Radical, and we are about to rock your world with the best radio station on the planet.

While Pandora has done a great job with its music genome system trying to guess what you want to hear next, its days at the top of the hill are numbered. Because like its competitors, Slacker and Last.FM, it falls short of delivering you real control. You get a better radio, but no play-on-demand.

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